Modern mosaic

Patroclus 2014
Patroclus 2014
35 x 25.5 cms
ceramic and glass tile on wooden board
indirect method

July 2019
35 x 31 cms
mosaic using Winckelmans unglazed ceramic tiles
straightened 2019
circular mosaic
tick tick tock 2016
unglazed and glass tile on board
mirror mosaiced with broken china tesserae
transience, 2012
45 x 45 cms
broken china

tipsy table
shades of blue glass on metal base
a bit of Bosch
‘a bit of Bosch’, 2015
70 x 20.5 cms
glass tiles and broken china on board
Two birds
Two birds flying high, 2012
willow pattern china
moulin 2014
moulin 2014
70 x 40 cms
glass and ceramic tiles on board, indirect method
hips 2014
hips 2014
hips 2013
moving forward, 2015
60 x 42 cms
broken china plates
table 2012
small table